Nano Hygiene (Nanopac) is a scientifically proven cleaning technology that works on a wide range of materials and surfaces at the molecular level, cleaning, protecting and preserving them.


It is a non-toxic solution that is used to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, stubborn odours, toxic pollutants and much more.


One application can last up to 2 years. It is used by major companies around the world such as 3M, Samsung, LG Electronics and many more. This cleaning technology is highly recommended for


  • Hospitals

  • Medical Clinics

  • Schools

  • Food Processing Companies

  • Gyms

  • Hotels/Casinos

  • Restaurants

  • Buses

  • Nursing Homes

  • Residential Homes

  • Vehicles with Odours

  • Newly renovated, painted or furnished buildings 


Nanopac is a sister company to Wesbest Property Services. To learn more about Nanopac and our services


click the link >>> NANOPAC AUSTRALIA 



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(fungi, bacteria, viruses) from household pets, kitchen, wet or moist walls, ceilings, carpets can cause respiratory irritations, allergy irritation.

How Nanopac Works

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