Restaurant/Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

  • Discounted rate for regular work. 

  • Special rate for multiple properties

  • No call out fee.

This job is definitely one best left to the experts




Modern shiny kitchen with stainless stil
Chefs in Action

Wesbest's specialist kitchen cleaning team. A regular cleaning schedule with Wesbest means you need never fear a surprise visit from the inspectors.

If customers knew just how much grime accumulates in commercial kitchens, they would be truly horrified. keeping on top of all that grease, spillage and all the things that live and grow where it lands, is a substantial job.



Your own staff might do a great job of cleaning what they can see, but its what they can't see that could result in a failure to comply with food laws. Wesbest's cleaning staff have excellent knowledge of required health standards, so if inspection is looming, a one-off detailed kitchen clean will be money well spent.


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Wesbest Property Services also offer a pest control service, so if the cleaning team spots any sign of small invaders, they can arrange a professional resolution right away. Protect your staff, your customers and your hard earned reputation,


Leave it to your kitchen cleaning experts at Wesbest.