Stripping and Sealing Floors

Resealing the floor is the simplest way to make your tired worn out premises look new again.

A newly sealed floor brightens the space, makes it easier to clean and protects the floor against wear and tear.

Old sealer, stains, and grime are first stripped away, including grout in tiled areas. Then multiple layers of high quality sealing coats are applied. Finally, the floor is buffed and polished to a gleaming finish.


Woman worker cleaning the floor with pol

  • Discounted rate for regular work. 

  • Special rate for multiple properties

  • No call out fee.


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Cleaning machine in the empty office lob

Wesbest's strip and seal team work quickly using specialized cleaning and buffing machines to minimize downtime. They can complete the entire job overnight, even in large businesses such as supermarkets, so it's dry and hardened in time to open the doors to customers the very next morning.